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Our Services


Monthly Services

  • Collection of Rents / Payment of Bills

  • Comprehensive Monthly Management & Financial Reports

  • On-Site Property Inspections

  • Regular Price and Service Comparison of Vendor Services

  • Sales Tax Reporting

  • Focus on Tenant Retention

  • Tenant Improvement Coordination and Supervision

  • Reconciliation of Bank Statements

  • Verification of all Utility Billing for Accuracy

  • Oversee Capital improvement

  • Pursuit of Delinquencies

  • Lease Administration (Insurance Certificates, Rent Increases, Options, etc.)

Annual Services

  • Rent Increase Tracking

  • Annual Management & Financial Reports sent to Owner and any designated Accounting Professionals

  • Prepare Annual Budgets

  • Review Tax Notices

  • Provide Income & Expense Reports to County Appraisers’ Office

  • Annual Report Filing for Owner’s Entity

  • Evaluate & Bid Insurance Quotes

  • Lease Audits to verify Tenant Compliance with Terms

  • Year End Reconciliation


Property Management Fees

Our property management fees are based on a percentage of the gross income generated by the property.  The percentage is determined by many factors and can vary from property to property.
Some of the considerations in determining the percentage are:
  • Size of the property

  • Number of tenants

  • Location

  • Age of the improvements

  • Common area administration

  • Property type

We understand that sometimes certain properties and circumstances dictate other arrangements, such as flat fees, minimum / maximum and so on.  We are flexible and will work with you to meet your needs